Khan Brothers and Qawwals Ustad Haji Ameer Khan, son of Ustad Latafat Husain Khan who come from classical gharana and have also given teaching to the famous Sabri Brothers. The term qawali itself applies both to the musical genre and the occasion of its performance.

Ustad Haji Ameer Khan and brothers come from one of the Indian sub-continent’s most ancient and respected musical families. Since coming to Britain in 1991, they have run one of the few groups in Britain singing traditional Qawaali, the intense devotional style associated with Sufi Muslims, now well-known in the west due to the success of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

The brothers are from Pakistan, born in Karachi, whose family have been musicians for seven generations. Ameer learned from his elder brother. By 1977, at the age of six, Khan Brothers had begun performing at weddings and internationally with his father by the age of 12. Ameer soon followed in his footsteps. “We would sing classical, pop, and mixture of whatever the public needed,” Ameer says.

Today, Ameer lives in east London. He performs Qawaali music in concerts and at community weddings and other ceremonies. "Hindu and Sikh people respect our music, too," "Here in Britain everyone is together Indian and Pakistani. There is no separation."

Although the brothers are steeped in the tradition of classical music, they are also keen to collaborate with contemporary musicians from different cultures.

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